eBiketricity ® technical specs

Circuits and electronic design and production in the UK by NGnewity

Call Richard on 0(044) 1285 658 929

Pod design, fabrication and build in the UK by CYCLEDELIK ®

Sales on +44 (0) 333 123 0500

Parts sourced from various UK trade suppliers including:

  • The pod dimensions / packed: H: 1.2m, W: 1.5m, D: 0.4m
  • The pod dimensions / unpacked: H: 2m, W: 1.5m, D: 0.4m
  • Thermoguard Thermocoat spray paint for

fire protection / UKAS/NAMAS Fire Test Laboratory Certification to BS 476 Part 21 – Fire resistance

  • Nullifire FB760 is certified to EN 1366-3 and Classified EN 13501-2.
  • The pod operates at input 230v output 12v, or input 12v output 12v
  • Pod dust & Waterproof up to IP53
  • Solar power: 100w input
  • 100Ah battery
  • Pressure sensitive locking mechanism

unique to this design Patent No. GB1900468.7

  • Bluetooth encryption 128bit secure
  • Key fob frequency 125KHz
  • Access control unit frequency 125KHz
  • Next generation induction charge ready
  • BOSCH 6A fast charger
  • Bolts onto the ground
  • Removable panels for service access
  • POD Ref: 52260 Certified safe to use by Nemko Ltd

Ebiketricity ® Cycle Station, the power for freedom.

IPO UK Registered Design Number 6028877

Design and manufacture in the United Kingdom.

Patent Application No. GB1900468.7

Ebiketricity ® is a registered trade mark of CYCLEDELIK Limited.