What is the aim of eBiketricity ®?

Ebiketricity ® cycle Station aim is to give employers, local councils, the government, Architects, Investment Managers green investment strategy, blue light services, planning and health authorities the option to improve their carbon footprint and setup an eBiketricity ® cycle station at work, in underground car parks, town planning blue prints, and various strategic spots across all major cities and towns in the world. This will encourage the workforce and city dwellers to rely less on cars by cycling to work. Cyclists may also be incentivised to use their eBikes for leisure, to achieve a health and fitness goal and feel part of a community. The long term socio-economical rewards may be measured by a healthy, happy and productive workforce and population. Quicker hospital recovery from surgery on fit and healthy individuals thus freeing much needed bed spaces in the NHS; reduced rates in obesity and all associated illnesses; improved social mobility and a reduction in road congestion thus enabling drivers who really need to drive get to their destination quicker!


We are great believers in economies of scale and making our product available to every town and city in the UK and further afield. To order yours for just £14999.99* net one off payment, please get in touch via our contact page stating how many you wish to order. *Terms apply