What is the Achilles heel of eBikes and why eBiketricity ® is a safe option?

Naturally, eBikes are limited by the distance travelled owing to their battery capacity. It may be argued that users may cycle using muscle power for the rest of their journey. This is unfortunately not the case if someone is having physio or rebuilding their physical fitness and confidence. In addition, certain elements such as the weight of a rider, children on board cargo bikes, low tyre pressure, lack of frequent service intervals, road condition, wind resistance, age of the battery and motor will decrease the battery’s ability to cover a long  journey and will therefore require frequent charge top ups.

Health & Safety concerns with battery charging at the workplace and the fire hazards associated with it, means that cyclists are unable to take their bicycle battery out to charge specifically old models with damaged or chipped batteries. Therefore, potential eBike commute miles are lost unnecessarily throughout the year in towns and cities across the country. Owing to these issues and the fact that we at CYCLEDELIK ® were being frequently asked by potential eBike customers how long they could expect the battery to last on a journey and where they could charge their eBike? CYCEDELIK ® decided to find a safe and secure solution in order to give individuals the freedom and peace of mind to cycle to work, their way back to health and fitness or with friends and family with the assistance of an eBike and invent ‘eBiketricity ®’. Hassle free, simple to setup and use, safe and secure eBike park and charge.

The service is supported by a location website called ebikeparknplug.com.

Ebike park & plug website.

Finding the nearest cycle station is only a click away. The website is also a good monitor and indicator as to which country, city, district or council is greener and actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint. It operates on a simple traffic light system and map, highlighting and prioritising eBiketricity ® points. An ‘AMBER’ teardrop means a location requires improvement, a ‘GREEN’ teardrop means non electric cycle parking is available, and finally a ‘BLUE’ teardrop indicates parking for all bicycles including eBikes.


We are great believers in economies of scale and making our product available to every town and city in the UK and further afield. To order yours for just £14999.99* net one off payment, please get in touch via our contact page stating how many you wish to order. *Terms apply