Who will benefit from eBiketricity ®?

eBiketricity 2 eBikes charging.
eBiketricity 2 eBikes safely and securely parked and charging.

Some individuals are simply unable to ride a bicycle using muscle power alone due to the lack of eBike safe, secure and reliable charge pods. Therefore they are left with no option but to drive contributing to global warming, increasing pollution and road congestion. Worst still in rural areas and the ever decreasing transport service means that rural residents have no option but to drive. We believe that eBiketricity ® will open the door to a great transport alternative allowing rural communities to mobilize using their eBikes with confidence; knowing that eBiketricity ® park and charge pods are there to top up low batteries when needed. The same thinking is also applicable and true from a small town to big metropolitan cities.

We are not against the car industry, far from it. We strongly believe however that as a modern society we have the duty to use the limited resources at our disposal wisely and lead by example to demonstrate that a well-planned and thought of transport system can work well for everyone and benefit us, the next generation and the planet in the long run. We believe that eBiketricity ® was the missing link for the eBike industry which is on the verge of yielding great dividends for investors and shareholders alike.

We are great believers in economies of scale and making our product available to every town and city in the UK and further afield. To order yours for just £14999.99* net one off payment, please get in touch via our contact page stating how many you wish to order. *Terms apply